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MD Studioz
Custom Framing Services

Collectables, Sports memorabilia, Antiques, Heirlooms, Artifacts, etc... You name it we frame it!!!

* Standard framing
* Custom framing
* Awards, News articles, etc.
* Protect your valuable art
* Shadow boxes
* Coordinated group sets
* Specialty mounting

Create a unique gift for a Loved one or to keep as your own.

As artists we work with you to design an original, one-of-a-kind
piece that will appropriately protect and display your special possessions.

Call Michael for quotes - 407-999-7808

  • Sealed dust covers
  • Foam core mounting for protection
    and a beautiful flat appearance -
- Acrylic experienced - .

- Acid free matting & materials -


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- Standard cut double mat -

- Standard cut triple mat -

- Standard cut double mat w/floated top mat -

- Standard cut triple mat w/float -

- Standard Museum cut -

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Custom framing:

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- Museum cut with free floating top mat & artist tag -

- Single, Double & Triple mat Oval or Circle cuts -

- Box corner cut -

- Free hand custom bevel cut -

- Multi-window layout. Box cut corners & Floating artist tag -

- Personalized hand-painted matting -

- Heirloom photographs mounted and framed -

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Restore & display your awards, publications and memorabilia:

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- Autographed pieces -

- Antique news covers -

Float windows for souvenir booklets, tickets, detail tags, etc...

- Mount & Preserve your news articles -

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Protect and display your collectibles & valuable prints:

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- Protect your investment art -



Hand-made Shadow boxes

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Coordinated sets...

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- Harmonize the framing and matting on your favorite group photo's -




Acrylic "Illusion" mounting

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- "Illusion mounted" Rolex scarf -



Foam core insert mounting

These are heavy glass Las Vegas slot machine faces.

A unique way to display your collectible items.






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11 X 14 - double mat, w/Wood Frame, Glass panel - $75

16 X 20 - double mat, Black or Silver Gloss Metal Frame, Glass panel - $99

INCLUDES: Frame, Glass panel, foam core mounting, double mat, dust cover backing, hanging materials.

(Oval cuts add $10)

Black or Silver Gloss Metal Frame

Oval Cut Mat