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The Social Series - Social I, II & III

  • The Social Series is geared toward the first time social dancers to the intermediate level enthusiasts. We follow a strict dance syllabus that includes four dances with approximately 5 - 7 steps per dance.
  • Graduates of the Social Series can expect to be "Competent Social Dancers". Though they'll still get off time a bit with the music, they will have the ability to recognize musical rhythms for an assortment of dances. With a bump here and there, they will begin to possess the ability to negotiate the dance floor with a basic variety of dance patterns, hopefully without feeling like a pinball. Students are also learning to maintain adequate leading/following skills.
  • Each of the three levels will focus on specific areas in order to develop the appropriate skills:
  • Social I - "The Basics." Key focus: Dance elements, Basic patterns & basic rhythms.
  • Social II - "Basics plus." Key focus: Amalgamating patterns to form complete dances, recognizing musical rhythms.
  • Social III - "Putting it all together." Key focus: Lead/Follow techniques, Floor craft (the ability to negotiate the dance floor).
  • Once a student has gone through the series (18 consecutive weeks with breath held and fingers crossed), he or she may be eligible to begin the Bronze & above level classes.

Dances Studied: The Four Majors (Rumba, Waltz, Fox Trot, Swing)

Prerequisites: None for Social I. Each level is a prerequisite for the next level. After completion of the Social Series, you may be eligible for the Bronze & above level classes.

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