Dual Certified Professional.



MD operates under the basic philosophy that ANYONE can learn to dance. Dancing is as much a Skill as it is an Art. A skill is simply a highly developed ability. All it takes to becoming a good dancer is KNOWING & DOING:

1) Proper instruction (KNOWING) and

2) Adequate, quality practice (DOING).

*( NOTE: #2 must be repeated 6.2 million times).


The ingredients to becoming a quality dancer:

Find yourself a worthy instructor that you like, can trust and work well with.

Listen to him or her.

Set yourself a goal.

Practice and voila! You are on your way to becoming a good dancer.


MD's approach to teaching is simple because he uses a common sense approach, the thinking Mind trains the doing Body.

Having found much success by using conceptualization as a teaching fundamental, MD says this: "A direct instruction is generally just followed, but an idea or a concept can be Refined, Matured & Developed." If students understand the concept, they can then set appropriate goals, enjoy quality practice, catch their own mistakes and eventually become self-taught.

MD's classes will take you on a Mind - Body learning experience that can be applied to all areas of your life.

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For more information, or to register for private or group classes, drop an email to MD@TheDanceDoctorMD.com, or you can call:

(407) 999-7808.